12 Apr

Anime aren’t just for kids!!

High school based anime is one of the most popular genre and also standard terms of series in the anime industry. These are the type of anime that will make you feel like you are in high school again, where anything can happen to our favorite characters, even the most unlikely situations.

There are tons of high school genre anime these days but we have picked our favorite top 7 for you, it should give you an idea where you can start for this genre!





  1. Nisekoi


This is the anime where you will binge watch the whole series in a day, cause of it’s comedy romance. Nisekoi is a very funny anime and also has it’s quality animation, it is an all around good time. You will find the characters are interesting and lovable. It’s very enjoyable. Give it a try for a few episodes and you will be glad that you did!



  1. Toradora!


This anime is so perfect, that after watching it you will feel that a little piece of yourself is missing. The characters development are off the charts, and the humor keeps the story interesting when it starts to slow down a bit. You will love it from the first to the last episode. This is one of the anime you will never forget and will tear up a little every time you think about it. Such a personal, honest love story.



  1. Hyouka


Hyouka is roughly divided into 4 major arcs each with their own mystery to solve. It is well-thought out and original in idea. It has a very good drama blended with comedy that can make you sit at the edge of your seat at one moment and reclining the next. It has the sort of feeling of “original” blended with “typical” and this makes it able to stretch out to many different groups of anime lovers, especially if they like the mystery. The mystery in this anime is a refreshing idea that takes away the typical dead body (I’ve lost count of how many people died in Detective Conan) and replaces it with mysteries that sound almost everyday-like. The kind of mysteries that have always nagged on your mind everyday but you never bothered with it as it’s not important.



  1. Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo


This anime is single handily the most feels inducing slice of life show you will ever watch. The artwork is beyond beautiful, the music and voice acting are top notch as well. It is the characters however, that truly make this anime stand out. The way they grow, and live their lives, truly makes them feel like real people that you will want to root for and it will get you easily empathize with their struggles and romances. It’s a beautiful and a heartwarming anime.



  1. Your Lie in April


Prepare your napkins!! This Anime was so beautifully done, you will feel like you are right there with the characters. It will appeal you the story and the music. You won’t think that you will cry this hard at an anime since Anohana. Every episode is a rollercoaster of emotions, you never know what to expect. You’re missing out if you are not watching it!



  1. Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru.


This may be one of the best series to make use of a high school setting ever made! Why? For starters the show is dedicated to taking down all the stereotypes and tropes of high school anime romance. As if that weren’t enough, the main character is as original as you’ll ever find in an anime. Raised as a social outcast from the day he first started school, the protagonist became dedicated to taking down all the stereotypes that school and society throws his way. It offers a good look into the social motivators of introverted personality types, from philosophical and psychological viewpoints.



  1. Angel Beats


RIGHT IN THE KOKORO! This truly is a very unique anime. Angel Beats targets watchers through impact. Countless of comments and reviews come in for this anime saying it is 2010’s saddest anime! One of the many anime that have made people cry repeatedly. This concept is very special, especially with those who have to come to terms with death. It combines humor, crazy battle scenes, amazing visuals, and tears-jerking moments that make it deserve to be TOP 1.

The soundtrack is lovely as well as the Girls Dead Monster music.

Each character, who we eventually see come to terms with their death and move on, show real emotion and a depth you don’t often see with some anime.

Just remember to prepare a box of tissues! 😀





So, what are your feeling about this Top 7? Do you agree with it?
The selection and ranking were tough, but I think we mostly get the point. Try to see beyond it! Not mention that they are plenty of anime that didn’t make it that’s worth watching like Gekkan Shojo Nozaki-kun, Bakemonogatari, or even Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches!